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who am I and why this blog

As mamas we are always busy. We have to think of so many things during the day and we hardly ever have time to clear our minds and think of the things that make us happy.

As a mama of two I've learned that I have to combine business with pleasure so I can get the most of it all. No matter if you love to cook, or to do sports, or to craft like me - we mamas always need to find a way to put those activities in our daily life so we don't go... well - crazy.

This space is here so I can share a little bit of everything - my daily life, my ideas, crafty stuff and overall - the life of a working mom of two under 3.

Don't worry, I will keep it straight forward, fun and easy for you, as I know every mama's time is precious!


About me:

Hi, I am Vyara. I am a mom of two - an almost 4 year old boy named Martin and a sweet little 1 year old girl, Olivia. My husband and I came from Bulgaria to America 6 years ago after he won a green card. Our lives quickly turned upside down. As a just married young couple it was, and maybe still is our biggest challenge. We had to learn to live in another country where we didn't know anybody, our education is not accredited and I've hardly spoke the language. We both have European education as architects and we really wanted to find a job as such here. It wasn't easy, but somehow we've managed to do it and everything kind of fell into place at that point. Or at least until we started a family. 

Having kids is another challenge all by itself! Giving birth in another country with nurses and doctors speaking in English with terminology that you don't even know in your own language?! Yeah, not the funniest experience in my life. But Oh My God how grateful I am that I never gave up, that I wasn't scared to do it all. Because now.... now I have two beautiful children - Martin and Olivia, and they are my whole world! But motherhood can be lonely. Especially when all your friends are across the Atlantic ocean. No parents to help, and also... maternity leave here in America kind of... lets be honest... kind of sucks!

So I decided to endure the world of social media and oh my, I've met so many mamas that lately became my friends. So many mamas that are struggling the same as me, and I realized that I am not alone! And that has inspired me to share. To share it all! The good, the bad, the happy and sad. And here I am now!

So please stay for a while and share with me our adventure called Life! I am here to tell you all about it, support you, feed you with inspiration and be your Friend!

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